Our Sponsors

On behalf of everyone at Cheltenham Design Foundation, we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their kind generosity and for supporting the Cheltenham Design Festival 2019.

The 2019 Design Festival was made possible by our sponsors shared passion for design and creativity, and their generous donations of time, services and money. Together we can show the world what design can do.

Our Main Sponsors


SLG are a design-led, global beauty brand innovator. Formed in 1985, the company has its international HQ, studios and lab in Cheltenham. The company has a reputation for incredible creativity and has a highly ambitious vision. Its award winning beauty brands are imagined and created in Cheltenham and sold across the globe.

We’re thrilled that SLG are part of the Cheltenham Design Festival.

The University of Gloucestershire has been a bedrock of support to the foundation from the very beginning by hosting our annual academy at their park campus. They are also working with us this year on an exciting typography project that will bring students and design agencies together.

We’re over the moon the University of Gloucestershire are joining us again to be part of this years Cheltenham Design Festival.


Whatever you’re reading, there’s a good chance Monotype is behind it. From the digits on your alarm clock to your book at bedtime. Since 1887 Monotype have been helping the world’s leading brands design, define and express their voice through type.

We’re honoured and excited to have Monotype’s creative type director Steve Matteson speak at this years Cheltenham Design festival.

Sponsors and Partners

Cheltenham Borough Council
Roberts Limbrick Architects
Design Council
Factory Pattern