Monthly Archives: October 2019

Setting New Standards For Office Space Design

It doesn’t matter how many times I walk into SLG’s award winning studios and lab space, I’m always blown away by its sublime fusion of urban cool design and relaxed luxury. When consolidating both the SLG Gloucester based site and their Cheltenham based team colleagues into one spectacular new HQ in Cheltenham, CEO Miles Dunkley […]

Posted 19th Oct 2019
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It’s Time To Think Differently About Design

This years Cheltenham Design Festival is shaping up to be a truly unique event, and totally different to the previous festivals. This year delegates will get fully immersed in the world of design, so you can be exposed to new areas of thinking, innovation and process with actionable advice and inspiration from the most diverse […]

Posted 6th Oct 2019
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Why Creativity Is So Important

Creativity is one of the most important characteristics of being human. Our ability to think creatively makes us totally unique as a species and can offer enormous rewards to us individually and in our wider communities. Courtney Carver explains why it’s important to be creative: 1. Creativity Predicts A Longer Life In this Scientific American […]

Posted 2nd Oct 2019
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